Global Footprints

Bavarva has marked itself among the top countries that are growing at a fast pace. Our country is catering to the demands of foreign markets with its assortment of ceramic products and services

Throughout the decade, we expand our presence across the worldwide that give us new possibilities, a new concept in ceramic industries, new customer and their demand which inspires us and we start exporting our best quality tiles in the new emerging ceramic market

At Bavarva Ceramic we are both happy and proud to share that we export to 10+ countries worldwide. These countries include- Poland, Oman, Qatar, Spain, Italy, USA, Peru, and plenty of moreā€¦


Export Country

  • Bahamas
  • Albania
  • Vietnam
  • Armenia
  • Romania
  • Venezuela
  • Algeria
  • Poland
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • USA
  • Peru
  • Korea

We deliver excellent quality of Wall Tiles, PGVT / GVT Tiles, Double Charge, Porcelain Slab, and Subway Tiles all across the globe to bring luxury and wonder within the world if tiles. Being the most important tiles manufacturer and exporter at Bavarva Ceramic we have the responsibility of maintaining the standards and delivering top-notch designs to fit your taste.

Think, Choose, and Surface it.